La Petite École

Collaborative Learning and Education Services

About the Founder

Givan Hinds (she/her) is a trained educator and public health professional.

With an MPH in global health and an MAT in secondary education with a focus in French and English as a Second Language (ESL), she is qualified to develop curricula, provide academic tutoring, and creatively collaborate and interpret for specialized public health, education, and language projects. Ms. Hinds is passionate about supporting and serving all learners in reaching their professional and personal goals.

Welcome to the little school! Bienvenue chez la petite école!

Photo by Jéssica Felício | Instagram: @jekafe


Language Learning

  • It’s Never Too Late to Learn a Language: A Workbook Guide
  • Conversations


  • Homework Help
  • Test Preparation
  • Weekly Tutoring Sessions

Collaborative Projects

  • Translation & Editing (French to English)
  • Books, Articles, Videos, Curricula, Resources


Jonathan Doram, Musician & Educator

“Givan is an excellent teacher. The classes are conducted fully in French to help with immersion and then concluded with a debrief in English to ensure comprehension. She creates a detailed, structured plan in order for you to reach your language-learning goals, and she has introduced me to tons of great exercises, resources, songs, and more. Sessions with her have reignited my resolve to improve my French! I would highly recommend La Petite École.”

Kerissa Abraham, Fashion Designer & Stylist

“I loved learning from La Petite École, every session felt very therapeutic and encouraging. This experience has inspired me to practice French on the daily.”

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